The product GreenHopper has been rebranded at August 29th 2013. This video was taken before that time, so the reference is still GreenHopper. However we switched the name GreenHopper to Jira Agile in the text of this site, so people can find it in our wiki.


On Tuesday, the 11th of october the Jira Agile team and their product manager Nicholas Muldoon will show off their new version of Jira Agile 5.8 and their new Rapid Board solution with //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

Download this video (MP4, 183 MB)

Questions for Nicholas Muldoon and his team

Paper and agile teams

  • How do Rapid Boards compare to paper?
  • Can I really get a hassle free and paper-like experience with a Rapid Board in Jira Agile? Where is it better and where does paper still have the lead?
  • How to react on the paper-only approach of some Scrum trainers? What is your take on people who absolutely disagree with the use of a digital system for agile teams?
  • Does Atlassian have distributed agile teams? How do they work?
  • How many teams use paper at Atlassian? Why? What do they say about the Rapid Boards?

Perception of the task board

  • How do your teams work with rapid board during the daily standup meeting?
  • Do you get the same feeling of having an overview about what is going on from rapid board and a paper-based board?
  • What is the future of task boards? (large touch screens,… ?)
  • If you come into a room with a task board, you get a lot of visibility of what the team is up to. How to achieve that with Rapid Boards? How big does a Wallboard have to be?
  • We extensively use avatars and visual markers like red dots, fire symbols, … Do you plan to offer similar options with Rapid boards?

Features of the Rapid Board and Jira Agile

  • How does your fast lane in Rapid Boards work?
  • JQL is a hurdle for a lot of non-developing Jira users. I had trouble just creating a JQL query to always show the latest release in my Rapid Board.
  • How is the Rapid Board connected to the workflow?
  • When do you plan to release the preset for Scrum?
  • What is a global rank in Jira?
  • What is the most pressing feature, that you want to add in the future?


Jira Agile 5.8 & Rapid Boards

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