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A concept for easy predictions of your business results in the next 2 to 3 months based on your employees feelings. The Agile Company Index uses a simply whiteboard, some magnets and handicrafts and a good dose of gut feeling. It is easy to understand, deploy and quite reliable.

Download this video (MP4, 30 MB)

Snapshot of the Agile Company Index Board

Notes about our guesstimating method

  • We redo the guesswork every week.
  • The board is located next to our coffee machine.
  • We plan to involve all employees.
  • We have no correlation metrics so far but surely plan to create them.
  • Acceptance and praise has been high from all sides so far.
  • The board is maintained by our services team. (Thank you!)
  • The idea popped up after numerous complex approaches that all failed to survive a multitude of weeks.
  • We do trust all employees to give equally good judgements on the future.
  • We do trust all employees not to trick the board or to change anything. (What for?)

Please feel free to copy and adapt this and share your results with us.

Agile Company Index
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