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Actively Doing Nothing = More Agility, More Security, More Value!

Finn Krusholm, Peter Hartwig

Actively Doing Nothing = More Agility, More Security, More Value!

Is it possible to become more compliant and secure without doing anything about it? Our tool proves this theory true!

By automating the boring task of manually revoking access to your shared files, teams get more time to create value whilst keeping your sensitive documents protected and compliant.



Finn Krusholm

Finn H. Krusholm was formerly a CEO of the largest Google Workspace resellers in the Nordics.

During that time, he was approached by a large financial institution, asking for help with a very important, yet very time-consuming issue in Google Workspace. Namely, that files shared externally were still accessible to the third-parties long after the online collaboration was over. That’s how Tricent was born.

Since then, Finn has become the CEO of Tricent and is today working to help businesses around the world get more time to create value and not to spend time on boring tasks such as removing third-party access to their shared files.

Peter Hartwig

Peter Hartwig is the CXO - Chief Experience Officer at Tricent. He is working in the intersection of business, creativity, technology, marketing and data and covers roles like product manager and strategy consultant or advices on marketing, platforms and analytics.

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