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Die Inhalte dieser Seite waren veraltet! Wir bieten keine PrePaid-Gutscheine mehr an.

PrePaid-coupon for //SEIBERT/MEDIA services

//SEIBER/MEDIA offers no free concessions. Find more info here: Advantage of a workshop to define basic requirements.

As simple as our strictly service policy is, so it is at least our intention to make sure that new customers will find attractiv offers from //SEIBERT/MEDIA as they find by other service providers which offer cost free first-step meetings.

We are working every day to sharpen our competence and the quality of our services. This is our main goal to reach the highest level for providing our customers with top services available on the market.

Offer for new customers

For customers which have never taken advantage of our services we do offer the possibilty to get started with low costs.
The conditions to get started:



your saving

500,00 Euro

375,00 Euro

-125,00 Euro (-25%)

1.000,00 Euro

800,00 Euro

-200,00 Euro (-20%)

3.000,00 Euro

2.550,00 Euro

-450,00 Euro (-15%)

To be able to use a prepaid-coupon you have to be a new customer, that means you never had ordered services from //SEIBERT/MEDIA. As a new customer you are able to demand one prepaid-coupon only.

Terms and general rules

  • A prepaid-coupon must be paid before it can be used (Transaction, PayPal)
  • Once the coupon is paid, you can use our services within the budget ordered. It is not possible to get a money-back-guarantee.
  • A prepaid-coupon with the conditions given above are strictly available for new customers
  • A prepaid-coupon can only be used for general services. Hosting-service and licenses or other service-products with fixed prices are not included
  • A prepaid-coupon can not be used in combination with multiple purchase discounts


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