We have been Atlassian's fastest growing partner in 2011 and we are one of the few Platinum Solution Partner for Atlassian. We employ about 130 people. 60 of them live and breathe Atlassian daily. I definitely hope, that we can help with your issues about Atlassian products.

Our business model and the way we work

  • //SEIBERT/MEDIA does not offer free services. You will have to pay us for every minute we work as soon as we pass your issue along to our tech people.
  • We have qualified and competent people. Still, we cannot guarantee the results you are hoping for as every issue depends on technical requirements one cannot predict upfront. In the worst case, we might have to tell you that we cannot help you out as it technically not possible.
  • Be assured, that's not what usually happens. But sometimes the solutions we can offer simply aren't worth the effort or they are not feasible for other reasons. It's important for us that you understand that we bill based on time and materials.
  • Our hourly rates range from 40,00 EUR up to 140,00 EUR per hour. You should expect an average rate of 120,00 EUR per hour for this type of support. More information on our pricing is available here: http://seibert.biz/kosten (German)
  • We do offer prepaid vouchers for our services: http://seibert.biz/prepaidgutscheine (German). You can either buy a 500 EUR voucher for 375 EUR, a 1,000 EUR voucher for 800 EUR or a 3,000 EUR voucher for 2,550 EUR.
  • If you are not an existing //SEIBERT/MEDIA customer you have to pay for our support in advance. The packages above are for this case. You can easily pay through Paypal to buchhaltung@seibert-media.net.

Shouldn't you look into my issue for free first?

Please understand that we do not offer any kind of free services. We don't really like working for free and our people have their hands full with work they do get paid for. A fair partnership is based on a fair pay. We are confident that you will understand the value of our services and our business model once you hire us. And you have the recommendation from Atlassian who work with us a lot.

How much will it cost in total?

Even our smallest service package with 500 Euros for 375 Euros is sufficient for a rough first evaluation of your problem. There are numerous situations where your issue will be fixed within this budget. In some occasions the result will be a evaluation with a layout of a small project to solve your issue.

What do you recommend?

We encourage you to evaluate the business value of your issue. Is it worthwhile to pay for a solution? The benefits you get should be way higher than the costs you expect for our services. If that is the case, please contact us at sales@seibert-media.net. If you need an invoice in advance for your payment, we'll send it to you.

Next steps for proceeding

If you want to process, the following steps guide our way:

  1. You contact us at sales@seibert-media.net with the reference of your Jira issue at Atlassian.
  2. We pass your issue to our tech staff for a rough cross check. There are some rare areas in which we do not offer services or don't feel, that we can help at all.
  3. You get an invoice from us and pay via PayPal or by bank transfer.
  4. We start working and stay in touch with you.
  5. You get a solution or an evaluation of the needed next steps for a solution.

Atlassian Support

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