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  • Google Chrome OS und Chrome Enterprise im Vergleich
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Chrome OS*Chrome Enterprise**
Google Play(tick)(tick)
Chrome User Preferences Sync(tick)(tick)
Cloud & Native Print(tick)(tick)
Multi-Layered Security & Automatic Updates(tick)(tick)
Chrome Remote Desktop(tick)(tick)
Application Virtualization Support(tick)(tick)
Managed Google Play (beta)***(error)(tick)
Managed Chrome Extensions & Browser Management(error)(tick)
Printer Management(error)(tick)
Microsoft® Active® Directory Integration(error)(tick)
Flexible Cloud-Based Fleet Management(error)(tick)
Single Sign-On Support(error)(tick)
Public and Ephemera Sessions & Kiosk Modes(error)(tick)
Managed Networks & Proxies(error)(tick)
Managed OS Updates(error)(tick)
Theft Prevention(error)(tick)
24/7 Enterprise Support(error)(tick)

*Chrome Enterprise license is subject to the Chrome Enterprise terms of service.
**Chrome OS only available with the purchase of a Chrome device and subject to
the Chrome OS terms of service.
***Managed Google Play (beta) currently available on some devices & subject to
Google Play terms of service.