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If you get to this page, we'll probably have sent you a link here: - If not, you can pretend as if we had and contact us then, if you think, what you read sounds interesting. (smile)

This is what we can offer:

  • We will create German videos about you, that will drive direct purchases for your product and that will help us sell your software to big corporations. See our YouTube-channel, that has over 550 video tutorials and live sessions online already:
  • //SEIBERT/MEDIA will publish blog posts about your product on our corporate weblog at - It has about 1000 RSS subscribers and about 20K unique visits per months. Every tutorial on our blog is professionally produced as a podcast. See here for examples:
  • We send all blog posts and podcasts and videos and tweets to 3500 newsletter recipients every 14 days.

To make a long story short: We will be your German marketing department. And all of our work will be free of charge for you. We will drive your turnover and hope for professional services like on-site trainings, consulting, configuration and alike for our success.

This is, why we are an attractive partner:

  • Atlassian (Confluence, Jira) loves us: We are Europe's fastest growing partner for Atlassian solution and one of the biggest German partners. Here you will find testimonials about our partnership with Atlassian from Atlassian Execs including the founders:
  • 50% of Germany' DAX companies (the biggest publicly traded companies) are our customers. Those customers include: Allianz, BASF, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post / DHL, Deutsche Telekom, Fresenius, Honda, Lufthansa, Merck, RWE, SAP, ...
  • We simply know how to create value for software vendors like you and how to service customers in need of your solution. And we will help you to win the really big companies for you.

This is what we would want:

  • Being an official partner for Germany. Doesn't have to be exclusive though. A badge like the attached is plenty.
  • Have a place somewhere on your website. It's not important where and when.
  • Have a margin for sales, that come through us. It's not important how high and if at all in the beginning. Should be there for the long run though.
  • Be able to use your software internally free of charge. Wouldn't be a prerequisite in the beginning. But as soon as we have invested in a couple of high quality videos, blog posts and sold our first projects, this should be included in a partnership.

This is why you need us:
Germany is a conversative market. It is one of the or even the biggest market on the web after the US. And although I don't know your sales figures, I do know, that Germany is a laggard or might even suck. That is the case because German companies don't like SAAS-solutions a lot yet. And that is the case, because German companies heavily rely on partners for IT solutions. We can be the partner for you to conquer Germany.

Your German Partner

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