Chat client

Adium for Mac, PidGin for Windows, IM+ for iPhone and iPad, GTalk for Android

Chat server

Google Talk. You can login with every Google Account. If you don't have one, get one for free here.

Cost of chatting

There are no costs for the client software, the chat server or actually chatting.

Get listed as an agent

Send a mail with the email address of your Google Account to sales - at - seibert-media dot net.

Be personal with a picture

Send a mail with a picture of you to sales - at - seibert-media dot net.

Which application should my live chat team use?

SnapEngage lets you use the instant messenger software you are the most comfortable with. Any software that connects to Google Talk will work great with SnapEngage. The Google Gtalk client built-in Gmail is a good way to start experimenting. If you don't have a preference, we suggest you try PidGin if you are on Windows or Linux, and Adium if you are on a Mac. On the iPhone, eBuddy works well. On Android phones, the native Google Talk client is perfect. Google maintains a list of the most popular clients with configuration instructions.

How can I stop SnapEngage from assigning chats to me when I am idle in my Gtalk client?

SnapEngage currently only differentiate the Online and Offline states of your Gtalk account. If you want to be automatically signed out from SnapEngage when idle, you should use a Gtalk client which allows to change your status to Offline when you are idle. PidGin for instance support this mode. Go to the Tools menu, in the Preferences menu item, and select the Status/Idle tab. Then check the "Change status when Idle" and set the status to Offline and you are all set.

We hope to have a real solution to handle the idle state soon, pending our platform provider extending some of their current features. Stay tuned.

How do I create a Google Talk account?

Go to to create a new account, if you do not already have one. Your email address will most likely look like this:

Please make sure, that you are online, when we add you to the list of chat agents. Because at this time you will get new contact requests from the chat server. You must add these contacts to your friends list to be able to chat later.

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