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Nothing lasts forever and even though we're sorry to see you go, we want to help you through the process. We will then make sure to process your cancellation as quickly and as simply as possible.

How you can request cancellation of services:

How you can contact usHow to proceed

In case you are working through your own system or already prepared your own cancellation form, you can just send that over to us at As we mentioned, the form on this page will handle things more efficiently as you can also add attachments to it. We prefer working with the form, but the choice is still yours.

FaxSend your fax to 0611-20570-70. The fax will then be converted internally into an email and forwarded to us. Incoming faxes have to first be manually processed. That means, you have to allow for a longer processing time overall.

Similar to faxes, incoming mail has to be manually processed and you therefore also have to allow for a longer overall processing time. Our address:

Seibert Media GmbH
Cancellation of Services/Kündigungen
Luisenstraße 37-39

65185 Wiesbaden

Cancellation Confirmation

All incoming service cancellations will be checked and will send a confirmation of termination of services, which will reflect the end of your contract with us. 

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