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An overview of recommended amounts and prices can be found here: Wiki-Gimmicks im Wiki-Roll-Out

Your own campaign with wiki gimmicks

We understand, however, that most companies will want their own branded wiki gimmicks when they roll out their wiki: that’s where our designers come into play. Talk to us. We will happily provide you with pricing details and offers to take care of everything you would need for such a campaign.

Estimated prices for professional services and production

Please note the following prices are in Euros.




Cost estimation

Pen design

Creation of the necessary layouts for your individual pens with a custom slogan, your logo, and your imprinted wiki URL


Pen production

The pens you see in the image above cost about 50 cents each. This price falls when you purchase the pens in greater quantities (to as low as 25 cents per pen).

e.g. 200 Euros for 500 pieces

Paper notepad design

There is more room to be creative with notepad-sized paper, which can serve multiple purposes. Anything is possible, from a dedicated meeting memo pad with wiki instructions to a general notepad with reminders about the wiki.


Paper notepad production

A less expensive notepad has 25-50 pages and can cost as little as 30 cents per notepad.

e.g. 125 Euros for 250 pieces

Screen wallpaper design

As screen sizes on monitors still vary greatly, we’ll need content and concepts that fit all of these sizes. We have had very good experiences with shortcuts on the screen. The estimated price includes different files for all relevant screen sizes and a sample wiki page with instructions and downloads.


Mouse pad design

We also recommend shortcuts on the mouse pad.


Mouse pad production

Prices start at 1.50 (Euros) per mouse pad and may fall to as low as 60 cents each depending on the quantity ordered.

e.g. 150 Euros for 100 pieces

Coffee cup design

If you want the cup to stay relatively affordable, you won’t want to change too much. However, our estimated price does include a freely customizable front and back (up to a certain size).


Coffee cup production

Cup prices drop quickly with larger production numbers, but remember, they’re heavy and require lots of packaging, so smaller production numbers can make good economic sense.

e.g. 200 Euros for 50 pieces

Poster design

Creating good posters is the most difficult and time-consuming task in such campaigns. The advantages include added opportunities to convey your messages, but if a leaner budget is key, you’ll probably want to leave these alone.


Poster production

In most cases we recommend printing posters with a printer that can handle larger paper sizes. But you could also decide to use one floor display.

50 Euros for the display and 100 Euros for large color printouts

Sticker design

Stickers can have a viral effect and are very affordable; however, you’ll need to make sure that none of your employees or colleagues sticks them everywhere: it’s no fun to have to peel stickers off of every other door and window. This is why we like the idea of very small stickers that say: “It’s already in the wiki.” You can put these down as a sign of completion on meeting memos.


Sticker production

It’s almost unbelievable how cheaply stickers can be produced.

e.g. 50 Euros for 1000 pieces

Production coordination

It depends on the amount of gimmicks you produce, but the overall efforts remain similar. What we do here is all it takes to convert the designs into packages in your office. Don’t underestimate the work required for this, but do feel free to do it yourself.


Initial briefing

If you create individual gimmicks, you’ll want them to match your corporate design and wiki philosophy. We want to know your needs before we start designing.


Management and communication

Yes, it is a position that does not produce added value after the project. But without it, it is almost inevitable that the project will never be truly finished. Good managers and clear communication are an absolute necessity.



The above services add up to about 53 hours of work and 875 Euros. One hour of this kind of work costs about 80 Euros for new clients, so you might end up spending about 5000 Euros. True, this is just a rough estimate, but it’s a good ballpark figure to give you an idea of the size for your rollout budget. You can reduce or increase your budget based on company size and the amount of iteration cycles you expect in your communications. In our experience, anything from 50% less to 50% more is possible.

What are the results?

You can decide which gimmicks you want to be part of your individual campaign, but in most cases we would recommend producing everything you think you’ll need in one project to use your budget efficiently. Based on our experience with previous clients, the following gimmicks are listed in order of their performance and reception among employees:
pens, paper notepads, screen wallpapers, mouse pads, coffee cups, posters, stickers, ….

As a result of this project you will have all of these gimmicks and possibly even more, professionally designed and produced, just waiting for you to implement. But how? Here are a few ideas for how you can spread these throughout your company.

Why should I create such a wiki campaign with gimmicks?

A wiki is so powerful that a lot of companies rely on them with business critical processes. Here is a list of 111 reasons why to use an enterprise wiki and 66 use cases for your wiki in your company. If the question in your company or department is not why to use a wiki but how to get everybody onboard, wiki gimmicks will do the trick.

Extras like the above offer efficient ways to

  • increase the awareness of your enterprise wiki.
  • get people to think about wiki use cases more often.
  • establish a consistent use of wiki processes throughout your company.
  • document clearly that the wiki is definitely a wanted system
  • create a place for your wiki that allows it to meet its potential.
  • increase the discipline that your co-workers or employees will need to avoid falling back into inefficient email use during stressful times.
  • allow your wiki to be omnipresent in daily business.
  • let objects speak for your goals and objectives.
  • get people to honestly try to use the wiki for their needs.
  • make sure more people fall in love with your wiki.
  • increase wiki adoption with very little money.

Ultimately it’s about getting attention for your system. There are so many things out there competing for people’s attention during the business day, and a number of other – ineffective – systems are still hanging around. Your wiki can make much better use of more attention than most other systems, which is why you should make sure that it can live up to its high potential.

What are the downsides of such a campaign?

If your wiki is not fully accepted in your company, a campaign with wiki-promoting extras might throw oil on the fire during political discussions about your wiki. In many cases, such a discussion is exactly what you need for the upper management to get on board for a wiki project. However, if you launch such a campaign too early during the wiki implementation process and don’t yet have strong use cases for your wiki, then you might risk rejection of your efforts.

Make sure to involve your marketing department when creating the gimmicks. It is absolutely necessary to follow your company’s design guidelines when creating such extras. On the one hand, your marketing people will probably require this, and on the other hand, this will ensure the professional image your wiki needs within the company. Bad design and production quality will aid those who want your wiki to look uncontrollable and ‘gimmick-y’, while a well-crafted and guideline-abiding design will underline the seriousness of your efforts.

Make sure that you follow company rules while distributing your gimmicks. Most companies don’t have any, but if you produce stickers you might want to make sure that they aren’t being used and left on doors and windows. The cost and time for creating such a campaign is also a downside, although the rewards usually justify such efforts in just a short time.

What can I do now?

The best thing to do would be to get in touch with us to discuss your project. You can do so by filling out the form on the right side of this page. You can also call us during German business hours under +49-611-205700 or send an email to

Which steps do I need to take to start such a campaign?

After getting in touch with us and telling us what you need, we will happily give you a ballpark figure of the campaign costs. Once you place an order, we will prepare all designs and work on them with you until you have fully approved them.

You can decide if you want to set up the production yourself or if you want to order from us. If you decide to order from us, you’ll need to pay all production costs in advance. Next stop? Boxes with cool wiki extras and some hints from our experiences on how to use them.

Why use //SEIBERT/MEDIA for this job?

We’ve done this before and work for numerous large companies around the world. We work with you to achieve the best results, know what to do when, and make wise use of your time and budget. Everything is fully transparent. You can decide to take over every single step and be in charge if you like so. Also, all production costs are without added charges and are fully transparent.

All that you really pay for is the hours of our competent designers and employees. And as this will be a routine job for them, you can expect us to be professional and fast.

Which alternatives do I have?

You can go to your own ad agency and ask them to do the job or do it completely on your own. But please consider this: it takes more than Photoshop to leverage wiki adoption in your company. Still, this is a valid option for many companies.

How will you charge me for your services?

We charge based on time and materials. Moreover, as this is an ever more routine process, you can rely on our efficient processes, which helps ensure short production times.

How do I pay?

If you are a first-time customer, you’ll need to make a down payment with the first order. All production costs that you’re not taking care of yourself will need to be paid in advance. This can be accomplished through internal bank transfers or PayPal. A PayPal payment includes options for credit cards, debit cards, and other convenient forms of payment.

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