Menu Editor makes it easy to create a global navigation menu for your Confluence installation. Simply drag & drop menu items to create multi language menus and give your Confluence navigation a better structure.

For German documentation follow this link: Menue-Editor für Confluence.

Overview of the most important features of the Menu Editor

  • Create a global navigation menu in Confluence
  • Create different navigation structures based on the user's language or other Confluence user fields
  • Use our Custom User Profile - Confluence Plugin to structure your navigation based on any kind of user attribute you desire (maintained in Confluence or an LDAP/AD)
  • Choose between display as a standard dropdown menu or a "flyout mega menu" (like Amazon's or eBay's navigation)
  • Create menus up to three levels deep, categorize links in groups
  • Make your navigation (or parts of it) accessible by anonymous (not logged in) users
  • Integrate internal Confluence links, any external links, or even create menu items that don't have a link target
  • View permissions for Confluence links are respected
  • Grant other Confluence users or user groups the permission to edit the navigation
  • Never lose old versions of your built menu structures, thanks to the new menu structure history
  • Extended filtering: Use wildcards to filter menu items for users or user groups more easily. Build even more complex filters with logical operators (AND, OR, NOT)

Additional Features of the Menu Editor

  • Drag&Drop your menu configuration
  • Optional dividing lines between menu items
  • Integrated REST API to access your navigation structure in JSON format
  • Works with Confluence standard theme


Follow this link to see the user manual: Navigation Menu Editor Manual.
For older versions of the plugin visit our Installation Instructions

Follow this link: Navigation Menu Editor REST API

10 users10 $
25 users300 $
50 users550 $
100 users1000 $
500 users3000 $
2000 users4000 $
10000 users5000 $
10000+ users6000 $


The plugin license legitimates you to install the Navigation Menu Editor plugin in one Confluence instance and all its testing instances. The installation on further instances is forbidden. For the first 12 months after purchasing the license, you get updates for this plugin free of charge. After that you can extend your license for another 12 months.

Please contact us:

Can we help you installing the plugin? If you are interested in our support related to this plugin, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. The effort for installation, integration and configuration is strongly dependent on your circumstances. You can calculate with about 1-8 hours with an hourly rate of 80-140 Euros. We will gladly advise you individually.

Please contact if you have any problems with our Navigation Menu Editor plugin.

Menu Editor Plugin

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